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Gimli Ice Festival Mission

The Gimli Ice Festival organization shall make every effort to engage the cultural, arts, sports, education and business sectors within the municipality of Gimli.  The festival's primary mission is to help stimulate Gimli, both socially and economically, by working in partnership with the service clubs, organizations and dedicated volunteers that serve the community at large.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries

Exclusive Volunteer Sponsor

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Winter Expression Photo Invitation

February 18


March 5

Info and Registration

Top 10 Photo Participants Will Receive A Festival Medal

Winter Expression Photo Invitation

When reporting completion of this activity, be sure to provide your name, same name you registered, and a JPEG photo of your Winter Expression Photo.


A Festival Participant or Top 10 Medal will be sent to you within 30 days to the mailing address provided when you registered for this activity.

2020 Memories

(Click on image to enlarge)




The Winnipeg Falcons was a hockey team of the early 20th century that was made up almost solely of players of Icelandic heritage.

They won the first-ever Olympic Gold Medal in hockey!



The Gimli Ice Festival Hosted A Special Pond Hockey Event

To Commemorate This Incredible Feat That Took Place 100 Years Ago.

We Were Honoured To Have Descendants From the Original Team Attend This Event

This “Winnipeg Falcons” extended Heritage Minute tells the story of a team of Icelandic-Canadians who served in the First World War before bringing home the very first gold medal in Olympic hockey.

This CBC National segment recognizes the "Winnipeg Falcons" 100th Anniversary Commemorative Pond Hockey Event that took place on March 7th during the Gimli Ice Festival.
Our Sponsors
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We Thank Our 2020 Sponsors And Supporters

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Community Welcome

Lynn Greenberg
RM Gimli
 Derek Johnson
MLA  Interlake-Gimli
Minister of Municipal Relations
James Bezan

Our Local Talent Is Awesome

Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers (website)

(Click on IFMD bio)


Remembering The Good Times

India School of Dance, Music & Theatre

  Past Gimli Ice Festival Performance

Gimli Barvinok Ukrainian Dancers

Past Gimli Ice Festival Performance

Photos by Local Photographer Glen Martin

(Click on Glen's Bio)

Snow Sculptures in Winnipeg - Festival Du Voyageur 2021

Photos By Norm Grywinski


Cook Like A Viking

By Cathy Dyck

          Part One          

          Part Three        

          Part Two          

Fire On Ice

Car Racing

By Winnipeg Sports Car Club

Gimli Skating Trail

   On The Lake

2021_Skating trail pic.jpg

A Gimli Community Development Corporation Initiative (GCDC)

View Exciting Past Festival Videos

Celebrating Indigenous Culture & Heritage

Celebrating Winter And Community

Celebrating Icelandic Hockey History

Celebrating Past Ice Festival Memories
(Click on image to view)

Snow or Ice Creation Invitation Registration

Snow or Ice Creation Invitation Overview


This Snow or Ice Creation Invitation is open to anyone to participate in from February 26 to March 6, 2022.  The use of props with your creation is permitted.  There is no registration fee to participate and only one snow or ice creation registration is permitted per participant.  Registered participants that report and provide a photo of their creation by March 7th (see reporting instructions below), will qualify to receive a Festival Participant Medal within 30 days of completing of this activity.


Registration Procedure


To participate simply complete the registration form and then click on SEND.  All personal information provided will not be shared or posted anywhere by the festival.


How To Report Your Completed Snow or Ice Creation


Once you’ve completed your snow or ice creation between February 26 and March 6, simply click on the “Entry Reporting” tab for this activity.  You’ll be reporting by email that will go directly to the festival administration.  All you need to do is provide your name as was registered for this activity and attach a photo of your completed snow or ice creation.


Photos submitted for this activity may be posted on the festival’s website or other festival social media platforms.  No personal information will be associated with any photos submitted and used for this purpose.  


The reporting and photo submission deadline is March 7, 2022.

Snow/Ice Creations
Registration Form

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