Kid’s Colouring Invitation Registration

Kid’s Colouring Invitation Overview


This Kid’s Colouring Invitation is only open to children 12 years of age and under to participate in from February 26 to March 6, 2022.  Participants are to choose and colour one of the PDF templates that are available to download on this website at the time of registering for this event.  There is no cost to participate and only one colouring submission is permitted per participant.  All participants that registered and reported having completed the Kid’s Colouring Invitation, will qualify to receive a Festival Participant Ribbon within 30 days from the completion of this event.


Registration Procedure


To participate, the child’s parent/guardian simply needs to complete the registration form and then click on SEND.  At this registration site you will see the available colouring templates.  Simply click on the one of choice and print off that template for your child to colour. All personal information provided will not be shared or posted anywhere by the festival.


How To Submit Your Child’s Colouring Piece


Once your child has finished colouring the template chosen between February 26 and March 6, simply click on the “Entry Reporting” tab for this event.  You’ll be reporting by email that will go directly to the festival administration.  All you need to do is provide your name as was registered for this event and attach a photo or scan of the template that your child coloured.  


Photos submitted for this event may be posted on the festival’s website or other festival social media platforms.  No personal information will be associated with any photos submitted and used for this purpose.  


The reporting and photo submission deadline is March 7, 2022.

Choose the image you want to colour and then download the PDF

kids playing.jpeg
kid dog shovel.jpeg
kids on sleigh.jpeg

After choosing your image, fill out and submit the registration below

Colouring For Kids
Registration Form

Age of Participant

All participants that report having completed this event and provide their mailing address will qualify to receive a Festival Participant Ribbon within 30 days.

Thanks for submitting!