Snow Sculpting Registration

Gimli Stay Safe Snow Sculpting Registration


Snow Sculpting (or Snowman) Invitation Overview


This stay safe at home Gimli Snow Sculpting invitation is only open to residents in the RM of Gimli to participate in from February 27 to March 7, 2021.  Participants are invited to create a snow sculpture (or snowman) that represents a “Culture” of their choice, that being the theme of this event.  Your snow sculpture can be any size and we welcome the use of props to help identify the “Culture” you chose to showcase.  There is no registration fee to participate and only one snow sculpture registration is permitted per household.  Registered participants that report and provide a photo of their Cultural snow sculpture creation by March 8th (see reporting instructions below) will qualify to receive a Gimli Ice Festival 2021 Participant Medal (only one medal per household).


Registration Procedure (Gimli Residents Only)


To participate simply complete the registration form below and then click on SEND.  All personal information provided will not be shared or posted anywhere by the festival.


How To Report Your Completed Snow Sculpture (or Snowman) Creation


Once you’ve successfully created your “Cultural” themed snow sculpture between February 27 and March 7, simply click on the “Entry Reporting” tab for this event.  You’ll be reporting by email that will go directly to the festival administration.  All you need to do is provide your name as was registered for this event and attach a photo of your snow sculpture creation.


Qualifying participants who submit a photo and choose to provide their mailing address at the time of reporting for this event, will be sent a Gimli Ice Festival 2021 Participant Medal in March.  Mailing addresses will not be shared and only used for this purpose.  However photos submitted for this event may be posted on the festival’s website or other festival social media platforms.  No personal information will be associated with any photos submitted and used for this purpose.  


The reporting and photo submission deadline is March 8, 2021.

Snow Sculpting

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