March 5-7, 2021

Message from Susan & Peter Holfeuer, Gimli Ice Festival Co-Chairs

Due to Covid-19 Provincial public health measures, Gimli Ice Festival in-person events will not be occurring this year in order to help protect everyone’s safety during this very difficult time.  However in the spirit of celebrating community, culture and heritage, that being the festival’s primary mission, be sure to experience some of the most memorable festival moments to remind us of better times through exciting videos and photos that can be viewed on this website starting February 27th.  But that’s not all, expect much more to be presented and announced on this website at that time for you to experience.  

We’re calling this Stay Safe festival year the 9.5 Edition.  Reason being is because 2021 would have been the 10th year of the festival and we don’t want that celebratory occasion for the countless volunteers, sponsors, and loyal festival attendees to be forgotten.  That’s why the 10th Edition of the Gimli Ice Festival and a celebration you won’t want to miss is being planned for March 2022.



This website is currently being updated for this year’s Gimli Ice Festival Experience


Please visit this website again on February 27th


Be Kind & Stay Safe Everyone!